part i: In the Beginning
Featured keepers: Dave + George
14 RESOURCES on the history and current practice of beekeeping around the world.

part ii: Pollinators
Featured keepers: Don + Shauna
12 RESOURCES on native bees and other pollinators, and pollinator habitat.

part iii: In the Garden
Featured keepers: Helen + Corky + Sarah
9 RESOURCES on creating a bee-friendly environment in your home garden, plus local food and food security.

part iv: Pests + Pesticides
Featured keepers: Marg + Rick + Nette
6 RESOURCES on risks of pesticides to bee and human health, and alternatives.

part v: In the City
Featured keepers: Bronwyn + Axel + Ron
4 RESOURCES on urban beekeeping and community gardening.

part vi: Body, Mind + Spirit
Featured keepers: Queen Bee Project + Christina + Karen
12 RESOURCES on bees in culture, from art and mythology to social justice and development.