the authors
Karen Godbout
"I would love the bees regardless. The value of things is that they exist. That's it."
Karen Godbout is an artist, a beekeeper, and a student of peace studies. She has presented numerous talks on bees and pollinator insects to a diverse range of audiences, including children's classes, seniors' clubs, and academic faculty.

Peace BEE With You is the five-year evolution of these talks, integrating Karen's passions for peace, the history of art, spiritual practice, and of course, bees. It was presented at the historic international conference, Parliament of the World's Religions in Salt Lake City in October 2015. Watch short video clips recorded during Karen's talk here:

Karen has previously published four books of photography, including The Blessed Bee: A Photobook of Literary Quotes, and a creative series based on the waggle dance, Nataraja Fire.

Christina Yahn
"Part of the love of beekeeping is you get to step into their world. You're in this altered frame of mind and it's magical."
Christina Yahn has been pioneering methods of beekeeping in the Kootenay Mountains of Canada for many years. Her natural approach to beekeeping offers a unique view into the realm of honey bees, and their relationship to the environment and ourselves. As the founder of The Queen Bee Project, she offers a broad perspective from her training in conventional beekeeping to her experience as a "natural or instinctive" bee steward.

With more than 14 years of organic farming, gardening, and distilling experience, Christina highlights the interconnected relationship between plants, pollinators and us! Christina’s passion for the Ancient Honey Bee has become a life-long one, dedicating herself to speaking on behalf of the bees with her advocacy work.

During the summer of 2015, Christina spent more than four months on the island of Maui, Hawaii, building a pollinator sanctuary and learning tropical beekeeping. View some photos of Christina's work here.